Depression among pregnant adolescents literature review

Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, 98 3 Only three studies used comparison groups; these either were drawn randomly from adolescents in the same database who had not been maltreated 38 or were drawn from county health department and school records and matched on the basis of sex, race and age with the maltreated adolescents, who were randomly selected for participation.

Parental methamphetamine use and manufacture: Impact of state methamphetamine precursor policies. These studies suggest that effectively treating maternal depression may be one way to halt or reduce the transmission of risk from depressed mother to child, and therefore, a critically important pathway to prevention for children of depressed mothers.

The overall goal of this study was to determine if there is sufficient research evidence to support a causal link between childhood maltreatment including physical, sexual and emotional abuse and subsequent adolescent pregnancy.

However, for adolescents whose parents or guardians were not depressed at baseline, the CB program proved to be most effective than while using usual care Journal of Adolescent Health Compared with adolescents who had not been maltreated, those who had been were more likely to report having been pregnant.

It is difficult to determine whether past emotional abuse or neglect is also a risk factor for adolescent pregnancy. Smith gathered data on substantiated cases of four types of maltreatment, but then entered three dichotomous variables ever maltreated, experienced single type of maltreatment and experienced multiple types of maltreatment into the statistical analyses.

Research on Methamphetamine

I think that has a lot to do with health as well, having nothing to do, so you just do stupid stuff. Psychological Assessment Resources, Factors affecting the decision to seek healthcare: Depression in cancer patients: Mothers overcome many barriers to seek services for their children when they perceive their children need help [ 44 ] and may be willing to accept family-based intervention approaches if providers focus their explanation of these approaches on how they will benefit their children.

There are no proper jobs where you can earn good money when you leave school.

Parenting and Depression among Children/Adolescents: A Brief Literature Review

In like manner, Mezulis et al. It is much more common in women. Hazards of illicit methamphetamine production and efforts at reduction: Exercise for methamphetamine dependence: Moreover, as the severity of maltreatment increased from nongenital contact to penetrative intercoursethe likelihood of pregnancy increased.

Journal of Pediatrics, 3—. Adolescent Depression: A Review of the Literature Diane G.

Adolescent Stress and Coping: A Meta-analysis

Brage This article is a review of relevant literature concerning depression, a complex and multidimensional phenomenon that strikes adolescents in a variety of ways and with varying degrees of intensity. Literature Review Inteen pregnancy in the United States hit a record low at births per 1, women ages fifteen to nineteen years old (“QuickStats,” ).

Perinatal depression among adolescents and access to mental health services

Depression exerts a substantial burden on women during the perinatal period. 1 In a recent systematic review, it was shown that antenatal depression may have short- and long-term negative effects on the foetus, newborns and adolescents.

Depression And African Americans

2 Evidence suggests that women with perinatal depression tend to have children who are undernourished, 3 have. Literature Review Inteen pregnancy in the United States hit a record low at births per 1, women ages fifteen to nineteen years old (“QuickStats,” ).

There are few data on mental health service use among pregnant and parenting adolescents. Available data on mental health service use among low-income women in general and families from diverse ethnic backgrounds suggest that vulnerable groups, such as teenage mothers, face significant barriers in accessing mental health services.

In contrast to adults, studies searching for demographic risk factors for postpartum depression in adolescent mothers found that childbearing status and race have no significant association with depressive symptoms in adolescents [40 Reid V, Meadows-Oliver M.

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Postpartum depression in adolescent mothers: an integrative review of the literature.

Depression among pregnant adolescents literature review
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