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If necessary, provide context to inform your review position. This will take you to the Reviews section of the page. My last flight was 7 hours late. Flight cancelled. Never flying with airBaltic again. It's to the right of the "in" text box. Click the "Title of your review" text box, then enter a review title.

The food was absolutely not eatable, even for an adult. Please call our support department at to resolve this issue. The possibilities are endless with this website.

Doing so submits your review. Booked 7 weeks before travel, travel time changed 3 times, last time by e-mail at The showers were full of mold, the kitchen floor was slippery from grease, the oven was caked with " of black residue, and the drawer beneath it which held frying pans had 1" of congealed grease at the bottom.

I should have looked at reviews and the many media stories that are so blatantly negative including the better business bureaus experience.

Click Upload, or click Add more photos to select another photo. Right after the flight she vomit. Air Arabia have refused to refund me, and refused to refund the extra baggage I paid for, even though the extra luggage didn't fly, so no extra fuel was used. This is a time sensitive matter and your quick response will assist in issuing your tickets on time.

Snowstorm in Europe.

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When we eventually got to the front, the Pegasus employees were very rude. Add a description to the photo. Really horrible!. Initially tickets were booked with another airline but the flight got cancelled last minute so rebooked on Flydubai After this happened to me a number of times, I am going to avoid using Air India.

The Bed Spreads were old, stained, and filthy dirty. Alltogether I had a delay of 10 hours. The two small carry bags weight was 15 kg only in total for me and my daughter.

None of the sliding glass doors leading out of the house to the various decks locked. How can we sleep on the floor for two nights in an airport!. After a consultation with Aeroflot and Russian Embassy, we Photos are shared and questions are answered.

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When we complained it took Beach Realty 3 days to resolve the issues. It checks all the boxes; priority check-in at the airport, lounge access, and a premium onboard experience. We will never rent through Beach Realty again and strongly suggest that you do not consider renting this Gomez Leosal.

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For example, if you went to the location while on a business trip, you would tap Business in this menu. Try to make your review as useful as possible for other guests.

Vienna airport staff verified the bag was loaded on my flight. They ignore direct questions. Tap the "Title" text box, then type in the title you want to use for your review. It's at the top of the screen. This page contains reviews about airlines, reflecting their work with passengers and the level of service provided.

To write a review, an opinion or a comment about a specific airline, or to look up reviews for a specific airline, you should browse the World Airline Directory.

Also you can take part in the exchange of views and free discussion of each airline at FORUM. Answer 1 of I'm looking to book tickets from Birmingham - Bali with them but there are quite a few bad reviews! I'm just wondering/hoping that there are some positive experiences from some people so if you've booked with them and its been fine can.

Jul 12,  · Seven years after it debuted comparison shopping, or metasearch, for flights, TripAdvisor revamped the product, adding user reviews of airlines and Author: Dennis Schaal. Write a review.

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Follow us: As a follow-up to my previous review on Tripadvisor, I just submitted another review - this time giving a restaurant a 3 (out of 5) with a mixed review - mostly good /5().

Hi Airline Travel Forum community, Do you have thoughts to share about your recent flight? TripAdvisor now has Airline Reviews!

You can write reviews about your flight(s), and help other travelers plan their next trip. To write a review of. Sep 25,  · For a truly unique adventure the destination must be Whakaari (White Island), one of the world's few accessible live volcanoes. Located 48 kilometres off the shores of Whakatane in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, it's accessible with a scenic flight with White Island Flights.5/5(64).

Please write a review on tripadvisor flights
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